Bella & BEAR

Why we started:

Online shopping has become one of the most popular and easiest ways to purchase items, with a simple click of a button you can purchase practically anything online. We noticed that a lot of online pet stores have products that are made and produced from all kinds of places around the world and that there was a lack of known Australian Made and Owned and New Zealand Made and Owned products on them at a time when we needed to be supporting local suppliers.

On the websites that did have Australian Made products we noticed that the advertising for them were nonexistence, they weren’t on the front page or even on page 1 of the product list. It became frustrating as we had to specifically search for Australian Made Products. Bella&BEAR is one of the only online retail pet stores in Australia that only sell Australian and New Zealand Made and Owned products.

As pet owners ourselves we realized that sometimes pets can be picky eaters or pets with special diets needs certain and specific foods, this can result in having to spend a lot of time making purchases from multiple different stores. With Bella & BEAR you get a range of different brands that all benefit your pets, purchasing whatever your pet needs all in the one place!

Our purpose for Bella & BEAR is not only showcasing Australian Made and Owned and New Zealand Made and Owned products but to support the suppliers and the hard-working manufacturers that help make these products! When you purchase from Bella & Bear you are not only supporting us, but you are supporting a chain of small Australian and New Zealand companies who are dedicated in producing great products for our pets.

Here at Bella&BEAR we are consistently researching and looking for more Australian and NZ made and owned products to bring to Bella & Bear to further provide a wider range of amazing products for our pets. Pets deserve the best so why not give them the best chance at having a long and happy life!

Bella&BEAR is made up of a team of pet owners, we understand the need to provide the best for our pets to give them the best possible chance at a happy and healthy life. Owning pets is a life-long responsibility, when you become a pet parent, you make a promise to take care of them to the best of your ability.

Bella&BEAR is designed to provide pet owners with some of the best brands that Australia and New Zealand have to offer, with the convenience of purchasing these amazing products from one location and in the comfort of your own home! Bella&BEAR provides you with the comfort that you are purchasing products that are nutritional, great quality and locally sourced around Australia and New Zealand.

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