Remove the Cat Urine Smell in 5 Minutes.

Remove the Cat Urine Smell in 5 Minutes.

Cat’s are one of humanity’s best companions; sitting alongside humans for well over 10,000 years. They provide endless hours of love, affection and companionship. They do, however, leave behind some pretty bad smells. Cat Urine is chief among them. Finding ways to remove the smell and keep it gone is a troublesome task. Until now. The Odour Control Range has been specifically designed to destroy all layers of odour – for good.

Why Is Cat Urine So Stinky?

It seems that Cat Urine is always a stronger smell than Dog Urine – why is that? Cats have evolved from desert-dwelling animals. Because of this, their systems have evolved to absorb a lot more water content than Dogs and other animals due to a long time between drinks.


Because Cat’s pee less, when they do, their urine is very concentrated, there’s a lot less water content and more chemical content.

As Cat urine breaks down, the Urea creates ammonia and carbonic acid. Therefore, because Cat’s pee so rarely, when they do, the ammonia and carbonic acid are already present, making the smell so profound and offensive.


As with most things, pheromones come into play. A specific pheromone that is present with Cats is feminine. Specifically, the degradation of this pheromone causes the problems seen in Cat homes.

Cat’s begin excretion of this pheromone around the age of 3-months. The amount is drastically higher in intact males than castrated Females and Males. The pheromone itself has no odour, it’s when it starts to breakdown that presents the issue. Upon degrading, it creates sulfur compounds that are responsible for the recognisable “Cat Smell.”

How to Remove the Smell of Cat Urine.

The Odour Control Range has been specifically designed to attract and destroy all levels of odour. Through 5-years of research and development, we’ve developed a range of products that will instantly remove the odours that we can detect, but also destroy any and all pheromones present.

Getting a whiff of Cat urine away from their litter box is a terrifying experience for Cat owners due to how difficult it can be to control or remove that smell. With our range of products, it’s never been easier to completely remove the smell of Cat Urine in and around your home.

By Shaun, Published 2020

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